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Hey there! I'm Kieran (aka instatoys or k1e), a software developer based in the UK, I mostly do API development as well as some System Administration things on the side.

I've always taken an interest in astronomy and space exploration and have been fascinated by the idea that we as humans can explore the outer universe in a way which was likely once unimaginable. If you'd like to keep a track of the upcoming launches, you can check out my spaceflight launches page here!

I'm currently enjoying my time over at Cleverskip. We're designing a new platform to help travellers be more organised when planning trips on transportation services. I co-founded this project with a couple of friends and it's going well so far!

I've also recently been looking into cybersecurity and ethical hacking as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. With a main field of study in journalism, I spend my time writing articles on how to protect digital systems against illustrated attacks.

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If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Alternatively, you can contact me on any of these platforms:
• Twitter
• Discord
• Mastodon (@[email protected])
• Mastodon (@[email protected])

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- It's currently in London, United Kingdom.
- It's currently 00:00 PM for me so I'm probably awake.

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Support Administrator2020 Volunteer • Remote

Supervising support given by members of the support team as well as giving support myself.

United Kingdom

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Co-Founder & Director of PR2023 Part-Time • Remote

Co-Founded Cleverskip with a group of friends to bring planning transportation to another level using AI.

United States, United Kingdom

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Trial Support2023 Volunteer • Remote

Responsible for answering your questions, helping you fix technical problems and assisting with anything else TruckersMP related.